Submissions are open for Issue Three: Cold Comforts.

For Issue Three, we're accepting short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and visual art. We want your tales told around the fire on a winter's night, your stories of ghosts and ghouls, your wishes on a winter star gone wrong, your dark and stormy nights.

Submissions are open November 1st - December 1st.

Submissions Guidelines

What We Accept

  • Short stories

    • Please only submit one piece if submitting a short story

    • Short stories should be between 1000-5000 words

  • Flash fiction

    • Please submit no more than three pieces if submitting flash fiction

    • We would prefer flash fiction to be no more than 750 words, but please do not exceed 1000 words

  • Poetry

    • Please submit no more than three pieces if submitting poetry

    • Poetry should be no longer than two pages

  • Visual art

    • Please submit no more than three pieces if submitting visual art

  • Our audience is middle grade (8-12) and young adult (12-18).

  • We want to publish works of the spooky, the dark, the peculiar, the strange, the magical. give us romance, horror, mystery, adventure. any and all genres are accepted. We want all of it.


  • Email your submission to

  • Include the name of the submission call, the title of your work, and your name or pen name in the subject line (example: ISSUE TWO: SWEET CURSES AND SOUR CANDIES: TITLE - AUTHOR NAME).

  • In the body of your email, give us a short premise for your piece in no more than three words (example: YA | ROMANCE | DEATH), the word count of your piece (if a short story or flash fiction) and a short bio no more than 150 words about yourself.

  • IMPORTANT: submit the work itself as an attachment, do not copy and paste it into the body of the email!

  • Short stories and flash fiction should be in times new roman with 12 pt. font and 1.5 line spacing.

  • Please use page numbers if your work is longer than one page.

  • Please attach the piece as a pdf.


  • We welcome pieces that have been published elsewhere, and pieces that have been submitted elsewhere and are waiting on a response.

  • Please just let us know when submitting if it is already submitted or published elsewhere, so that we can link to it if accepted!

  • Please also ensure that it's okay with the publication the piece is currently published in!

  • You are absolutely welcome to submit if you submitted to a previous issue and were not accepted - we want to see your work, even if it wasn't quite right last time!

Important Stuff

  • Haunted Words Press is a free to submit and free to read publication.

  • You will not be paid for any pieces that are accepted - we make no money from it either, it’s in existence because we want it to be and because we hope others do too.

  • Please include any content warnings that are relevant in your submission email.

  • It should go without saying, but we will not accept any works of intolerance or bigotry, and if you submit this you will be blocked.

for any questions or enquiries, please email